Breaking any rule in groups 1-3 results in one warning. A second occurrence (even if to an unrelated rule) will result in a permanent ban, with no right to appeal. For group 4 you have more warnings before a ban. The amount is inversely proportional to how annoying you are being.

  1. No Griefing
    • No stealing blocks
    • No placing random blocks
    • No explosives griefing
    • No random liquids

  2. No Hate Speech
    • No calling other players derogatory names or insults
    • No racial remarks; we have many players of many different races
    • No racial profiling

  3. No Hacking
    • No flying
    • No X-ray hacks/see through texture packs
    • No water walking/wall climbing mods
    • Minimaps ARE allowed, and encouraged

  4. No Being Annoying
    • No chat spam
    • No asking for a higher rank
    • No usernames such as "XxX360n0SC0PEXxX"
      • Users with names such as these will be given respectable nicknames.
      • The above user would receive "Scope" as a nickname for example.
    • No bugging the admins. They are likely to drop a Chiroptera Explosive Device (C.E.D.) on you.