The Gammacraft Network was founded July 16th, 2013 after the pervious server many of our players used ceased to exist. It became open to the public on August 7th, 2013.
The network is run primarily by yamar, a longtime MC player, and a rather geeky fellow. He is assisted by his staff; 4duhlulz for general player and in-server upkeep, BrightonH and Chimera1138B helping with general moderation duties, and ewokhurricane54 as a watchful eye.

The primary Gammacraft server is accessible at, and is a 30 slot server which is currently allocated 2GB of ram out of the 8GB available total. This server is a non PVP Bukkit server running what slightly modified vanilla, containing minor tweaks and improvements. We are self hosted on a dedicated server that has a 100Mbit dedicated duplex pipe. This server, known as Vulcan, will be replaced once funds are available with the server known as Agon, which will have a 1Gbit full duplex pipe, 30GB ram, and a much beefier processor.