Welcome to the homepage of the Gammacraft Network!

Here you can apply for our whitelist, check twitter for updates, read the rules, or just send a message with the contact form.


SERVER IP: mc.gammacraft.com

Running 1.8.1

Recommended texture pack made and updated by yamar (Not updated for 1.8):
Deltapack 6.1
Any contribution of $5.00 or more grants you the rank "Contributor", along with a few cosmetic perks: /hat, and /nick.

To donate, simply fill in the form above, click the button, and fill in the amount you wish to send. (Contributions use PayPal)

From 7/30/2014, 01:00GMT onward, the following legal release for contributions is as such:
To receive the "Contributor" rank, you must be previously whitelisted, or have at the minimum submitted your whitelist application prior to contributing.
Contributing does not automatically whitelist you, and it will not increase your chances of becoming whitelisted.
Contributions made prior to your application being processed are non refundable if your application is denied.
Contributions made after 7/30/2014 are non refundable.
Contributions made in error prior to 7/30/2014 will be refunded to the best of our ability, and to the maximum amount we are capable of after PayPal fees.
By Contributing, you agree to the terms of this release as stated above.